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6 Aug, 2019

5 Important Facts About Dental Bridges

Losing a tooth isn’t something that most people want to deal with, yet it is very common. Patients visit Legacy Dental Care often with missing teeth, which can alter their oral health and cause further problems. To remedy this, we offer dental bridges that can be used to replace missing teeth without the need for invasive surgery.

Important Facts About Dental Bridges

Before you get a dental bridge applied to your mouth, it is highly important that you are informed and stay aware of some vital information about bridges. Let’s get into some of the crucial facts you need to know when it comes to bridges.

  • Implants may be needed if surrounding teeth are injured or unstable
  • Bridges can be used to replace one to three teeth in your mouth
  • With proper care, dental bridges can last for several decades
  • The alignment of your teeth will be preserved with bridges
  • You will need to floss differently with a crown and bridge applied to teeth

Types of Dental Bridges

There are several different kinds of bridges your dentist may recommend, depending on your dental issues and oral health. Let’s go over the four most common types of bridges and how they can be used to preserve your oral health and smile.


These bridges involve using a false tooth that is anchored in the mouth using two dental crowns that are on either side of the gap in the gums.


Cantilever bridges are applied and only need one tooth next to the missing tooth to stay in place.


A Maryland bridge doesn’t need a crown on surrounding teeth – it uses a framework of metal or porcelain to stay in position in the mouth.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

An implant is placed into the jawbone surgically and replaces the root of the missing tooth, anchoring the replacement tooth in place.

Alternative Procedures to Save Your Teeth

The dentist will recommend extracting a tooth if it is necessary. Other procedures may be recommended based on the needs of the patient.

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